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Einstürzende Neueküchen
EN online cook book!

It may sound odd, but it's true, a bunch of people who have become supporters of the band Einstürzende Neubauten have shared a common interest in seeing, hearing, and reading more about the talents of the supporters themselves.

That is where this site comes in!

This site is an easy way for supporters to showcase their own talents. If you aren't a supporter of Einstürzende Neubauten yourself, we strongly encourage you to take a look in to the community they have created within the realm of This site is not run by Einstürzende Neubauten, please realize that this site is an independent collective of the band's supporters.

Interested in becoming a supporter of Einstürzende and this truly unique and rewarding community? Memberships are offered only from the official Einstürzende Neubauten website

The Einstürzende Neubauten Supporters' Support's CD Project
The first CD project featuring the music and art of various supporters

Click on the song title to listen to a 30 second clip.

Disc 1Disc 2
 1. Aeternum -
Band: Disekt
Song: Half Life
 1. Mek -
Band: Mek and His Seven Euro Microphone Orchestra
Song: Balla Con Me
 2. Coinicidence -
Song: New7
 2. Parkingnonstop -
Band: Parking Non-Stop
Song: Landscape Though Trees
 3. Dunglass -
Band: Dunglass
Song: Labyrinth
 3. Ch3 -
Band: Lo-fi Dub Soundshitstem
Song: Bug Muzak #3
 4. Exitof99
Band: 99¢ Special
Song: Mother
 4. Ste.van.holm -
Band: Ste van Holm
Song: Contamination
 5. Killer83z -
Band: The Falling Leaves
Song: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
 5. Sea -
Band: Non Toxique Lost
Song: Ein Gott Ist Immer Dabei
 6. Mamijo -
Band: PCB
Song: Hoofdpijn
 6. TrashRecords -
Band: Dumbass
Song: Ca$h
 7. DavidTurbine -
Band: Vienna N.C.
Song: Your Heart Can Not Stay Asleep
 7. Bratwurst -
Band: Bratwurst
Song: MonkeyTunnelSyndrome
 8. KeithIrish -
Band: Punk As A Doornail
Song: Flogging the Punk Horse
 8. JLehmus -
Song: Errata Corrige
 9. John2 & PhantomAss -
Band: White Noise
Song: Untitled
 9. TJK2002 -
Band: The Ratings
Song: We Took To The Air
 10. MatMiller -
Band: MatMiller
Song: Saturday, Just After Tea Time
 10. Anthony -
Song: Jeftot
 11. Herr K - Supporter Name Withheld
Band: Herr K
Song: Glory
 11-18. Kjosef -
Band: Karl J. Paloucek
Song: Theme for an Obsessive
 12. Mirwais57 -
Band: 57^13
Song: HLA!
 19. Ananda -
Band: DWAB
Song: On the Road
 13. Gobeirne -
Band: Carotid Artistry
Song: Perfusion
 20. Gonchong -
Band: Gonchong
Song: Chamber
 14. JPLarsson -
Band: Körperkultur
Song: Seconds Later I Was on Fire